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International Association for the Legitimate Acceptance / Adoption of Palai.

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1st. Auction: List of available items to bid.

    We are having an auction of this items listed bellow.


    -All items are available to be bid by users of Palai as a currency.

    -Items are on a First Come, First Serve basis: if you are the first citizen who bids for an item and later on another person bids the same amount as you did then; the first person biding is the winner in case there is no one else biding.

    – Prices for the bid are in Palai

    – Starting Bid Prices are listed considering the “actual value” of the items in fiat currency.

    Buyer is responsible for shipping charges. Buyer must send in a PDF of the label produced after paying in Fiat Currency. We will use this label to send you the purchased item. All items have the departure city for the items as well as the estimated weight of the merchandise for you, to be able to figure out and pay for the shipping charges

    – All paid merchandise will be shipped as soon as possible and if buyer would like to purchase an insurance for this package they can do so as well. Once Merchandise Paid & shipped this transcaction will produce a new “Rate of Exchange” because the lock” will change.

    Last Day to Bid is May 21, 2023 at 11:59 UTC Time

    – In case there is controversy due to unforseen events or issues; We reserve the right to resolve who is the winner of the bid on any given piece of merchandise

    – All biders have to pay a 50.00% tax on the amount bided as well as the customary 0.02¶ that Palai.org charges. Also; do not forget that iALAP.org charges 1.00¶ for their services.

    Palai it is about usage of this currency to prevent evaporation. Have fun Biding and we hope you are the winer!

    To be able to bid: Send an email to: exchange@ialap.org and let us know the number of the item you are biding on and the amount in Palai you are biding, as well as; the place you live & the local currency used wherever you live.

    Also; It is required for all the bidders who intend on placing a bid to first make a donation to either one of this: Palai Citizens Fund or the PalaiFund. (It does not matter the amount of the donation.)

    The PalaiFund: It is a fund to be able to support the efforts in dealing with the Climate change that weall have to deal with.

    Account # : palaifund+86ee060d5-d768-436b-8c01-45e8b76dd89b

    The Palai Citizens Fund: It is a fund to be able to support the disabled persons of this planet weather it be due to being disabled at birth or for external reasons like the Ukraine war just to mention the last one that still has not ended.

    Account # : palaifund+86ee060d5-d768-436b-8c01-45e8b76dd89b

  • Item 1 Description:.

    Monsta X Mini Album BoxMonsta X Mini Album Contents

    Original Kit Album of a Korean Band called Monsta X. This item is intended to be used along with a Smartphone and has a battery. This Boy Band it is the equivalent to the likes of BTS (this item it is in open condition due to being opened while at customs).

    Minimum Bid: 360.00¶

  • Item 2 Description:.

    Dylox Empty sugar envelopes Dylox Empty sugar envelopes Celebrating FIFA Wolrd Cup in QuatarDylox Empty sugar envelopes Celebrating FIFA Wolrd Cup in Quatar Dylox Empty sugar envelopes Celebrating FIFA Wolrd Cup in Quatar

    Set of 27 Sugar envelopes conmemorating the FIFA World Cup hosted in Quatar. This is the first time they have been issued and they are to become a one of a kind item (envelopes are empty).

    Minimum Bid: 1.00¶

  • Item 3 Description:.

      Front of a $100.00 MXN Bill  USED picture of the Back of a $100.00 MXN Bill, Circa 2022. Bill of $100.00 MXN depicting Sor Juana in the front and the Monarch Butterfly in the back. This original item it is circulated and it is a collector’s item made of a plastic polymer. Weight 250gr

    Minimum Bid: 100.00¶

  • Item 4 Description:.

    Palai Cent (Back) Palai Cent (Front) 

    Set of 2 Palai 0.01¶ Coins. This coins are in circulated condition circa 2022. Weight: 50gr. (Exterior Dia: 23mm, Interior Dia: 6mm)

    Minimum Bid: 0.02¶

  • Item 5 Description:.

    Hard Rock Cafe original opening staff Pin (Front) 

    Hard Rock Cafe original opening staff Pin (Front) Hard Rock Cafe original opening staff Pin (Back)

    One of a kind item. This Lapel Pin was originally issued in 1992 to the opening staff of the Hard Rock Cafe of Tijuana on the day of the grand opening of a particular location to; then be destroyed all the remanents of any of this pins in case they were not given to the employees.

    There is a great amount of pin collectors seeking this kind of pins due to their rarity as well as the fact that not many empoyees are willing to let go of this kind of item for multiple reasons.

    It is important to mention that this restaurant closed many years ago and; this pin was manufactured in Taiwan back then when they were permited to use the Made in Taiwan R.O.C. slogan in stead of the Made in China that nowadays they use. Weight: 50gr.

    Minimum Bid: 1000.00¶

  • Item 6 Description:.

    Picture of a Gold Plated Necklace

    Used Gold Plated necklace weight: 150gr. (this item requires a small repair on the lock.).

    Minimum Bid: 3,600.00¶

  • Item 7 Description:.

    10 HKD Front 10 HKD Back

    This is a circulated HK$10.00 HKD bill made of polymer and still in circulation within the Special Administrative Region of China (still legal tender).

    Minimum Bid: 120.00¶

  • It is important to mention that all the USD listed in this auction are listed in WhereIsGeorge.com in case you would like to trace your fiat bills. While you are there… You are welcomed to leave a link to Palai.org or iALAP.org as well. -Your Call-

    And in case you are wondering what Palai is: Ruby on Rails

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May 22, 2023
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Proceeds from this Auction will be paid to the owners of the merchandise unless, they have choosen to make a donation for the Palai Citizens Fund

A fund to help those in need due to a dissability and they are permanetly incapable of fending for themselves.

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