Mission Statement

Romania, Russia, San Marino, Sarbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine & The Vatican.

International Association for the Legitimate Acceptance / Adoption of Palai.

We Pledge to:

  • Conduct itself within reason and common sense.
  • Become the medium or vessel used to facilitate payment in Palai of commercial transactions for everyday use in all the confinements of our planet.
  • Promote in an intelligent manner the usage and adoption of Palai as a currency originally created by Access to Basic Income E.V. and funded by Social Impact Lab Leipzig in Germany and it is currently being adopted by using a website named
  • Convince other humans currently alive on this planet of the need to adopt and use this currency for the benefit of all of us as a whole.
  • Not create unnecessary spam in fulfilling this mission statement.
  • Use the donations already received in Palai as well as any other future donations yet to be received in a manner that is transparent so the other users of Palai are able to verify any data produced from this transaction.
  • Safeguard to the best of our abilities any and all personally identifiable information provided to us in connection with any transaction that we are requested to be the custodians (or the escrow) for the funds associated on a transaction that any of the current holders of Palai choose to conduct using our services.
  • Charge only 1.00 ¶ for our services as long as possible, meanwhile the adoption of Palai is generalized amidst all the population.
  • Be clear and honest in our conduct.
  • Keep producing the necessary Rates of Exchange that are accurate so the general public may in turn have a reputable source of data, thus being able to conduct commercial transactions, such as making a purchase and receiving a salary, amongst each other with speed and accuracy.
  • Keep an “Open Mind” in regards to the adoption of Palai as a currency for generalized payments across this planet, because this is something that has not been attempted so far with any cryptocurrency to our knowledge, and resolve any road bumps yet to be discovered as quickly as the conditions permit.
  • Comply with the current international trade & commerce regulations that are in use to this day.
  • Deny any attempt of conducting a commercial transaction using Palai if this transaction is deemed to be illegal.
  • Deny any commercial transaction that in turn will harm any other human specially if it has to do with child pornography which is already illegal.
  • Pay the Palai received in custody only to the designated recipient of the money and not any other person, or to provide a refund to the original sender of the funds only whenever needed.
  • Not ever request from you any Passwords, Credit Card numbers, locks or any other medium of accessing your own accounts in any of the other existing mediums of payment known to mankind so far.
  • Respond to any complaints we may receive as diligently as possible. Please do not forget that our decisions are final because they are the same as if you would have opened your wallet or purse and made a payment.
  • Not to enter in any disputes related to the validity of Palai as a currency because the actual users of Palai as a currency are the ones who, in an act of free will, have chosen to conduct trade using this currency.
  • Conduct our selves with dignity and respect with the two parties intending on conducting a commercial transaction no matter the national origin, race, sex, creed, age, religious beliefs or disabilities so long that they are human and alive as well as behaving in the same manner with this institution.
  • Collect taxes so they are fair and simple on any given transaction so long that this tax amount is what has been approved by the nations who had agreed upon accepting Palai as a currency in which they also would like to operate.
  • Use the Gregorian Calendar to be able to provide a way in identifying the time and date of any given transaction; “When the laws speak of years, months, days or nights, it shall be understood that years are of three hundred sixty-five days each (or three hundred sixty-six days in the case of leap years), months having a number of days in line with the Gregorian Calendar, days of twenty-four hours; and nights from sunset to sunrise.” In doing this we will abide to the UTC time.
  • Understand that “No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.” Hence Palai is a non tangible currency equivalent to a non tangible property; so we will never take away this property from any one.
  • is a separate entity completely different from

    We did not create Palai as a currency, yet without iALAP then Palai is lacking the necessary trust, validity and transparency that the users of Palai need.

  • Banderas del Mundo: European Union, Seychelles Islands, Angola, Algeria, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso and Burundi.

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Cape Verde, Cameroon, Chad, Comoros, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Eritrea and Ethiopia.

May 22, 2024
Anytown, YOUR TOWN.

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