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International Association for the Legitimate Acceptance / Adoption of Palai.

How the Rates of Exchange are calculated?

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International Association for the Legitimate Acceptance / Adoption of Palai.

How the Rates of Exchange are calculated?:

    What is it that Palai is?

    Palai is a currency with evaporation and basic income. The unit of the currency is also called “Palai”, abbreviated as “¶”. Both the singular and the plural are “Palai”. Thus, it is said “one Palai” or “seven Palai”.

    Hence Palai it is a currency then, its value will vary from time to time. is the organization that provides a reliable “Rate of exchange” so the users of Palai they have a way to accurately measure the Palai value towards other currencies in the world.

    How this “Rate of exchange” is calculated?

    First: We receive an email with someone attempting to complete a commercial transaction. In the email it is explained what people intend on trading.

    For example: An employee worked 4 hours at a rate of £30.00 for his or her salary and both parties had agreed on using Palai for this transaction. They have already reviewed the last rate of exchange and found out that on October 22, 2022 at 1:00 UTC the Rate of Exchange was £0.10256 for 1.00¶ so; 4 hours multiplied by £30.00 equals £120.00 then; they divided this £120.00 by £0.10256 to come up with the amount of 1,170.04¶ to be paid.

    In this case the employer is attempting to pay to the employee 1,170.04¶ and; as soon as has received this amount in Palai and the employer has confirmed that they are satisfied with the work performed then proceeds to release this funds and pay the employee.

    The time and date produced at for when this payment occurred then it will be used to convert and create the new Rate of Exchange to whatever the current market value it is for £1.00 to any of the other currencies listed in the Rate of Exchange.

    Example: GBP to USD, GBP to CNY, GBP to INR; etc.

    How does this Rate of Exchange will change?

    Simple: Lets say the last transaction we did verified was completed and, the mathematics produced a value of £0.10256 for 1.00¶

    Then we do have a new transaction pending to be completed and the equivalent of £0.10256 to INR was ₹ 9.3304 (just as an example) on the date of the last Rate of Exchange published.

    They state in their email the intend on making a payment this time around in INR and the corresponding equivalencies of ₹ to ¶.

    This new payment will “Lock” the Value of 1.00 ¶ versus INR for the Rates of Exchange thus releasing the previous value of £0.10256 for 1.00¶ from this lock

    Whatever currency it is currently holding the lock then on the most recent Rate of Exchange published will be listed as no change or using the symbol “=”

    Whatever was the equivalencies of ₹ to ¶ at that time will be the reference value for every one to conduct a transaction using Palai. This equivalencies towards other currencies will remain in place until the following “verified transaction” has taken place thereafter will release the 1.00 ¶ versus INR “lock” and enabling any other currency to take this “lock” place.

    And so on… is a separate entity completely different from

    We did not create Palai as a currency, yet without iALAP then Palai is lacking the necessary trust, validity and transparency that the users of Palai need.

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