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International Association for the Legitimate Acceptance / Adoption of Palai.

Most Recent News related to what we are doing:

  • January 18, 2023
  • has entered into an agreement to purchase a land plot to build up their World Headqueaters.
  • This agreement calls for a Down Payment of 10,000.00 Palai and 78 instalments of 5,000.00 Palai for a grand total of 400,000.00 Palai.

    In the agreement there is a set of dates for a payment to be made every 28 days as well as a chart of equivalencies because the seller requested for us to adhere to this schedule. Purchase price includes all fees or interest.

    Here is the payment schedule:

    Dates are listed as follows: MM/DD/YY Where “MM” is the number of the month, the “DD” is the day and “YY” is the year.

    01:01/14/23:QAR  02:2/12/23:EUR   03:3/11/23:KRW  04:4/08/23:MXN05:05/06/23:GBP 06:06/03/23:MAD 07:07/01/23:RSD 08:07/29/23:GBP 09:8/26/23:UYU  10:9/23/23:EUR  11:10/21/23:AUD   12:11/18/23:CRC 13:12/16/23:BRL  14:01/13/24:CAD 15:02/10/24:CFP 16:03/09/24:CHF 17:04/06/24:CLP 18:05/04/24:CNY 19:06/01/24:DKK  20:06/29/24:HKD  21:07/27/24:ILS 22:08/24/24:ILS   23:09/21/24:IRR   24:10/19/24:JPY 25:11/16/23:KRW 26:12/14/24:LBP 27:1/11/25:NGN 28:02/08/25:NOK 29:03/08/25:NZD 30:04/05/25:PHP 31:05/03/25:RUB  32:05/31/25:SAR 33:06/28/25:SDR 34:07/26/25:SEK 35:08/23/25:SGD 36:09/20/25:TWD 37:10/18/25:UAH 38:11/15/25:USD 39:12/13/25:XAF 40:1/10/26:XAU 41:02/07/26:XCD 42:03/07/26:ZAR  43:04/04/26:GHS 44:05/02/26:BTC 45:5/30/26:QAR 46:06/27/26:EUR 47:07/25/26:KRW 48:08/22/26:MXN 49:9/19/26:GBP 50:10/17/26:MAD 51:11/14/26:RSD 52:11/12/26:GBP 53:01/09/27:UYU 54:02/06/23:EUR 55:03/06/27:AUD 56:04/03/27:CRC 57:05/01/27:BRL 58:05/29/27:CAD 59:06/26/27:CFP  60:07/24/27:CHF 61:08/21/27:CLP  62:09/18/27:CNY 63:10/16/27:DKK 64:11/13/27:HKD 65:12/11/27:ILS  66:01/08/27:INR  67:02/05/28:IRR  68:03/04/28:JPY  69:4/01/28:KRW 70:04/29/28:LBP 71:05/27/28:NGN 72:06/24/28:NOK 73:07/22/28:NZD 74:08/19/28:PHP 75:09/16/28:RUB 76:10/14/28:SAR  77:11/11/28:SDR  78:12/09/28:SEK  79:01/06/29:SGD is commited to adhere to this payment schedule. Your help is needed in case we are to pay this agreement sooner: Make a donation using the Palai you already own and you could receive a beautiful surprize.

    Our account number is:

    In case you would like to donate some Fiat Currency it is welcomed as well. Construction of our building will comence immediatelly

  • December 11, 2022
  • Palai has reached 500,000 Users worldwide
  • Palai has reached the mark of 500,000 active accounts worldwide using the beta version of in 4.5 years.

    It is estimated that there are 203 million users of the traditional banking services in the world and we are the equivalent to 0.2463% of that amount.

    Your help in promoting is needed

    We are aiming on reaching 1.00% or 2,030,000 users by December 31, 2023.

  • November 02, 2022
  • The Mayor of the city of Niagara Falls, NY named Robert Restaino (democrat) declares that the Bitcoin Mining Companies located in this municipality are creating excesive noise while mining for bitcoins.

    He stated that in case the noise it is not reduced then; he will persue legal action to have the mining companies to be relocated somewhere else.

    He also stated that due to environmental reasons as well as, the wellbeing of the residents of this city; he is seeking to take legal action and force companies to comply.

    The only thing he wishes to hear is the natural noice of the Niagara Falls.

    Bryan Maacks holding a sign protesting outside of one of the US Bitcoin companies located in the City of Niagara Falls, NY.

    Basically he stated that he is reviewing the options available and persue the shortest road posible to solve this issue. So Far he has declared a moratorium to new Mining Companies since December 2021.

    “If they continue to refuse to comply with our order to stop, then we’ll have to be in court,” Restaino said.

    Question: How many Bitcoins does the Mayor of the City of Niagara Falls owns? (if any).

    Portrait of Robert (Bob) Restaino Picture of US Bitcoin building in Niagara Falls, NY

    How much currency (of any kind) have you invested in any of the existing crypto currencies aside from Palai?

    Was this mayor told to further persue this issue? and have the minig companies be relocated somewhere else outside of the USA…

    Should you be concerned that the Bitcoin is no longer to be permited or tolerated?

    Will this be the breaking point for Bitcoins where they are to start loosing value?

    This piece of news has been aired this week on International TV like DW-TV and others.

    Food for thought…

    Read more about this here.

  • October 28, 2022.
  • P A L A I , Internet Currency and Unconditional Basic Income:

    Interview conducted by Jetzt-TV where the person interviewed is Tyler Zahnke

    Tyler is and has been an advocate and fervient user of Palai since early on. He also is one of our Ambassadors and an advocate for

    The interview is conducted in German and the use of a bilingual translator English/German was needed.

    Trascription of the excerpts of this interview will be available soon here.

  • is a separate entity completely different from

    We did not create Palai as a currency, yet without iALAP then Palai is lacking the necessary trust, validity and transparency that the users of Palai need.

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