Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

Turkey, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentine, Bahamas & Barbados.

International Association for the Legitimate Acceptance / Adoption of Palai.

Answers to the most common questions about all this:

  • Do you or Can you purchase my currency? it is a non profit organization and as a rule of thumb we do not sell Palai.

    We are not a sales agency either, trying to find for you users of other currencies; who in turn would like to acquire Palai.

    For the most part the users of Palai (or citizens) they rather like to acquire goods and services for their Palai.

    This goods generally are Raw Materials or Finished Goods: A Kg. of beans, some lumber, a few Lt. of water, etc.

    We are not suggesting for you to not accept any other currency. We are encouraging you to be wise about where you would like to invest your efforts.

    Ideally we would not like to see you holding a lot of …

    For example; FTX cryptocurrency who as of November 11, 2022 declared bankruptcy or insolvency.

    Collecting postal stamps, coins and bills it is considered a hobby.

    For that particular reason the vast majority of the users of Palai do not exchange their Palai for squared colorful pieces of paper or plastic, and even some round pieces of metal (unless it is for numismatical or philatelical purposes) or numbers inside a computer.

    Rich people hold their wealth deposited in a bank account and mostly not in cash. Their accounts are numbers inside a computer for the most part.

    So, if you trade and pay using Palai preferably; we would like for you to ask for something of value unless you are exchanging it for Gold in it’s metal form and not Gold Certificates.

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  • is a separate entity completely different from

    We did not create Palai as a currency, yet without iALAP then Palai is lacking the necessary trust, validity and transparency that the users of Palai need.

  • What system do you use for measurements?

    We are using the Metric System as our measurement:

    “1.00” it is the way we represent one Palai and it has 100 cents of Palai.

    We use the meter and the Kilo for our measurements and for large amounts of Palai we represent those as follows:



    Other cultures and languages have their own way for writing quantities. We do respect that yet; we would like to standardize this so, every one on Planet Earth will know what are talking about.

  • Do you have? Or will you have an app?

    As it is (and for now) we are doing things manually while we finish creating the app for us to be able to automatize transactions. Yes we will have an app.

  • Where do you operate?

    We do operate worldwide so, any holder of Palai who in turn wants to process a transaction and have the assurance that they will in deed receive what they are paying for, they will use our services.

  • Will there ever be physical coins & bills?

    We are aiming not to have any physical currency unless the conditions force us to do so.

  • Will be displayed in other languages aside from the eight that it is now?

    No. As it is; we believe that we are covering most of Humanity and most humans do speak either one of this languages.

  • Why are you trying to Legitimize Palai?

    We are providing order and reliability to something that was lacking it.

    We are creating the Rules and Bases whereas the users of Palai will depend on for Fair play amongst all users.

    We are telling you everything there is to be told about Palai and we are aiming to become the source for all your questions.

  • Why are you collecting Taxes in Palai?

    Simple: No one else is doing it.

    We are collecting a rate of 50% of the value of the merchandise on every verified purchase made by the users of Palai since TR# 2022/11/07/00:41/0010.

    We do not know if indeed it is little or too much the amount we are collecting.

    The nations who decide to adopt Palai and operate using this currency they are the ones who in turn will decide if it is needed to collect a smaller or larger amount.

    Meanwhile this Taxes are available to be claimed by this nations (minus the evaporation) to be used as taxes are intended on to be used and those are not a property of

  • Wich commerce legislation are being used to verify the transactions paying in Palai?

    We are respectful of current International Commerce Laws.

    We believe that common sence tell us that it is necessary for us as well as you to behave in a decent manner and respect what has been created so far by mankind (includding the immigration Laws).

    If you respect your neighbor then your neighbor will respect you: Palai enables you to be able to remain wherever currently you are and prosper.

    There is no need to travel and re settle. In case you choose to do so please request proper permission to the nation whereas you intend on re settling.

  • What is it that it is the Palai Fund?

    Is is a Fund created by and it is held in Palai Currency.

    The purpose of this fund is to collect and set aside as much Palai to be used in dealing with the current Climate Change we all as Human Race we face and have to deal with it as one.

    Preliminary documents produced by the COP27 of the states in its Financial section that it is required about 4-6 trillion USD per year until the year 2050.

    Furthermore it does calls for banks and financial institutions to create high risk financial instruments or vehicles to be able to fund the climate change financial needs.

    We at believe that no single currency needs to carry the burden for all the financing of this crisis of the humanity as a whole.

    In any case the nations that are to support and pay for the financing of this crisis needs to be clearly listed and their currencies be listed and used as well.

    If the name of any of the nations that is to pay for this commitments it is not listed then; most likely will be compelled not to comply with their agreements.

    Specially if any this nations originally believed that they where to collect some of the money set aside to pay for this agreements and now they are in the list of possible donnors.

    We cannot continue just talking and be producing fancy documents that in turn they are just empty promises.

    If you are Human and care to contribute in mitigating climate change then, Please donate to the Palai Fund using some of the Palai you already own.

    The Palai Fund Account is: palaifund+86ee060d5-d768-436b-8c01-45e8b76dd89b.

    This crisis it is not mine or yours alone. It belongs to all of us and we are to deal with this as one.

  • Got more questions?

    Feel free to contact us and ask away.

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